Trending Hardcore Workouts

Trending Hardcore Workouts

How many of you have always wanted to work out, but the time and space you have are very limited?
We hear you.

Here, we’ve listed three of the best hardcore workouts you can follow without necessarily going to the gym. We can assure you that they’ll be very quick, yet they’re very intense. They also won’t require much room to be efficiently performed which is a plus.

Each workout will only last for about 10 minutes, but you’ll surely be gasping for air.
If you’re excited, let’s get it on.

Workout 1: 15-1

This workout will require you to choose two movements and you’ll perform alternately the two exercises without rest as quickly as possible.

While it may sound quite simple, there’s actually a catch:

Each time you change movement, you would have to reduce the repetitions of the first exercise and then increase the repetitions of the second one.

For example, you can start Exercise A with 15 repetitions and begin Exercise B with just 1 repetition.

Note: Once you’ve already started, make sure not to switch the order.

Below is a chart so you’ll better know how it would look like:

Workout 2: 21-15-9

This second type of workout is very effective because it can train your entire body very quickly including your cardiovascular fitness.

This is how you do it:

Select about five exercises and perform all of them for 21 repetitions, followed by 15 repetitions, and then finally for 9 repetitions.

You would have to do this in the least time possible without resting in between.

Here’s an example workout:

Workout 3: 10-12-15-18-20 Blitz

Although this is designed as a five-week progressive workout program, this may be used for single workouts.
This method is likewise time-based, unlike the other two methods which require a certain number of repetitions per exercise.

For the 10-12-15-18-20 blitz, you would have to perform 3-5 exercises. Make sure to do them one after the other for the pre-set number of minutes without resting in between.

Based on the format, you will have to perform the workout for five days. That means you’ll only have two rest days, but they shouldn’t be successive.

Here’s a sample layout:
Week 1: 3 exercises for 10 minutes
Week 2: 3 exercises for 12 minutes
Week 3: 4 exercises for 15 minutes
Week 4: 4 exercises for 18 minutes
Week 5: 5 exercises for 20 minutes